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A CURATED yule GUIDE FOR THE witchy and wild

The season has changed! It’s time to get ready for a festive Yule (or whichever holiday you celebrate). As our first holiday season rolls around, I wanted to promote some Yule must-haves by some amazing witchy businesses across the world. Have fun discovering something new and enjoy some amazing discounts exclusively for you in this guide!

Blessed be!


Shining Moon Studio

I am an artist living in Salem, MA creating hand carved stamps based on imagery from The Rider Waite Tarot deck and other witchy things. I use the prints from my carvings to design enamel pins, shirts, tote bags and print directly on journals. For 15% off your entire order, use code: Yule15 at checkout.

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O Wisteria is handcrafted magical crystal jewelry, accessories, and art inspired by the cycles of nature, universal energy, tarot, and witchcraft. Each piece is created intuitively with love, beautiful intention, and strong feminine energy. Modern pieces with antique vibes for those with magic in their veins. For 10% off your order, use code: WILDGODDESS at checkout.


Boho & Indie Wild

Cosmic and feminine decks made to resonate with seekers and modern mystics! Boho and Indie Wild self-publishes whimsical decks from different divination systems. Tiffany, the owner of Boho & Indie Wild is also a Holistic Tarot Reader who uses intuition to give you powerful and insightful readings. For 15% off of all our decks and online readings, use code: SPIRITGUIDE at checkout.

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Blessed Be Magick

Blessed Be Magick creates modern, everyday talismans to remind you of your magick. Our beautifully subtle talisman cuffs for today’s witches are designed with the intention to shift your awareness, enabling you to recognize and connect with your power from within to consciously create your most expansive lives. For 15% off your order, use code: YULEMAGICK at checkout.

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Moon Arrow

Personal style is like alchemy. When you’re able to unapologetically embrace who you are, and literally wear it on your sleeve, you subsequently transform the way you move through this world. With fabrics as tantalizing as the cosmos, Moon Arrow infuses this intention and consciousness into all their clothing. For 10% off your order, use code: blessedbe at checkout.


Holistic Holly

Holly is a mystic, medium, healer and witch, specializing in spiritual development, holistic healing, and tarot. She helps to inspire, empower, and awaken people to their life purpose, spirituality, and their ability to connect to their natural psychic gifts and sources of healing - helping people move from confusion and discord to confidence, love and joy. For 15% off all readings, reference the Yule Gift Guide.


Lady Moon Co.

Not just for Halloween. Lady Moon Co. is a one witch owned and operated shop offering everyday designs for the magickally inclined. We offer lapel pins, patches, apparel, handmade crystal necklaces, and more. For 15% off your order, use code: YULE at checkout.


Ritual Elements

Ritual Elements honors the gifts of Mother Earth, and channels her energy to communicate with the Divine. We utilize the powers of crystals, plant magic, planetary energy, aromatherapy, color, and intention in the tools and rituals we create. Custom gifts and complete ritual kits available for you and yours. Get 20% off of $50 or more using coupon code: WITCHOLOGY at checkout.



Anita Apothecary on Etsy carries a large variety of ritual tools, hand poured artisan soy candles, medicinal tinctures and edibles and natural beauty products for your favorite witch. Created in small batches with love, light and intention, you’re sure to find something for the person on your holiday list. Use code: DIVINE15 on Etsy to save a little extra. 

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Ravenwood Inspired

For your perfect wand, a special pen for your Book of Shadows, or a vial pendant for tiny treasures, let Ravenwood Inspired help. Our personal artifacts are handmade from exquisite hardwoods and acrylics. We love custom orders - let's create something magical for you, or for a special someone! For 15% off any purchase, use code: WITCHOLOGY at checkout.



At Lightworker Astrology, I create custom natal charts, custom readings, chart templates, and so much more. I truly believe that your birth chart can reveal to you, your potential and purpose. Whether you self-study or allow me to do the work for you, it’s going to be extremely valuable to you on your witchy journey! For 20% off our charts or readings/reports, use code: WITCHOLOGY at checkout.


Shire Post Mint

Shire Post Mint is a small family business that makes solid metal coins in the Ozarks of Arkansas. They use antique machinery and traditional metalworking tools to create stunning objects. Their new Moon collection of silver and copper coins and pendants features an accurate engraving of the Moon's two sides. For 15% off your order, use code MAGICK at checkout.

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Earthlight Crystals

Whether you're looking to create change in your life, attract something new or release something that no longer serves, raise your vibration or add greater power to your intention and manifest your goals, our shop is filled with tools and treasures to reconnect you with the magick of Mother Earth. Get Free Shipping when you use the code: YULE18 at the checkout.


Sacred Smoke Herbals

Sacred Smoke Herbals, a one woman shop, seeks to honor and reignite our understanding of the healing modality found in smoke medicine. Handcrafted offerings include: loose + pre-rolled herbal smoke, space + body smudge, and always a few surprises! ...because for millennia, people + cultures have called on the spirits of plants. Use code: YULEGIFT25 for 25% off entire purchase.


Sylvan Dream Designs

I like to incorporate nature into my designs, working with organic materials that come from the earth. The Yule ornaments I make are a perfect example of that. My products are made to represent the unity magic and nature have with each other. For 20% off your next order, use coupon code: Yuletide2018 at checkout.

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Aurafy Inc.

Aurafy Inc. is an online shopping experience for everyone! Run by one faery witch mama named McClure. I strive to produce desirable and eclectic hand made home decor, jewelry, and crystals sourced from around the world! Sending my love and blessings to each and every of you! Merry Yule! For 10% off your order, use code MerryYule at checkout.


Wild Woman Witchcrafts

Wild Woman Witchcrafts offers over twenty varieties of premium, hand crafted spell candles - as well as loose incense, and other Magickal necessities - made exclusively with the highest quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Find your new favorite today on our website. Wild Woman Witchcrafts: Where quality and intention come first. For 10% off your order, use code: witchology at checkout.


Druidcraft Jewelry

Rare magic items made with love, care and help from our local druids. We are located in Thessaloniki, Greece. We create jewelry – mostly necklaces and earrings- but lately we started making some home and altar décor pieces. We use crystals, cruelty free antlers, forest finds, dried flowers, polymer clay and resin to make our creations. For 15% off your order, use code: WILDGODDESSMAGICK at checkout. Model: @estelanaiad Dress: @illyhandmadecreations