What are Ogham Staves?


The Celtic tree ogham is a mnemonic device and magical system used as a divination method.

Ogham is often called a “tree alphabet.” Although this term has its merits, it can be misleading. In fact, the ogham is far more than a writing system. The ogham sigils are called feda, which means “trees,” and sometimes nin, “forking branches.”

Ogham and its use is mentioned in many Celtic myths and folktales. The ogham represents a map to lead us through an evolutionary spiral up and around the World Tree, from birth to death and beyond, or on a smaller scale, through the process of manifestation for all creative projects and processes.

Ogham staves becomes an embodiment of the tree’s particular energy and spirit. The ogham thus becomes an ally in divination, contemplation, and magic.

Ogham can be used for divination in various ways. Ogham staves can be drawn at random from a bag and cast upon a cloth for “open” divination methods, or they can be chosen at random and placed in a sequence or pattern for interpretation in relation to their position.

Working effectively with the ogham relies on a closely built relationship with the trees and their spirits.

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Ambrosia Hawthorn