A Witch's Sacred Space

A sacred space is an area you can use for ritual. This is the easiest way to understand a sacred space but let's dive a bit deeper into what this space means and how to create one for yourself. A sacred space is one between the worlds, a spot that is not just a physical place, but one that exists on the spiritual plane as well. It may help you in your magical and spiritual practice if you learn how to create a sacred space for yourself.

The sacred comes from the Middle English word meaning “to consecrate.” So, an object or place that is sacred is one that has been consecrated. It is also something that has been devoted to worship or set apart for a single use.

In order to really make an area sacred you need to cleanse the space of negative energies and consecrate it. A place that has been made sacred in such a way is a great space in which to spend time. You can relax there, meditate, or communicate with deity. Sacred space is safe space—somewhere you feel not just comfortable, but welcome.

What's the difference between a sacred space and magick circle? Well, a sacred space is space that has been cleansed and consecrated and a magick circle is also an area that has been cleansed and consecrated, but it is more than that. A magick circle is an area of protection. Before you pull up a magick circle in which to do your workings, you need to cleanse and consecrate the area. Then you make your circle inside the consecrated space. The magick circle protects you from other entities and prevents any undirected energies from escaping and causing harm.

Probably the most important features of a place where you choose to do ritual are your feelings of safety and privacy. To create a sacred space it can begin with the act of cleansing. You can take a room that gets everyday usage, and by ritually cleansing it, turn it into a place of magic and tranquility. Use methods such as smudging and aspersing to ritually cleanse the space prior to use.

A note on magick circles, once you have made a magick circle in which to work, you should stay inside the circle. If you need to leave, you have to cut a door in the circle to do so. Many witches believe it is best to locate a door in the circle in the north or east. To create a door, you cut the energy field of the circle with your athame. To read more on casting a circle visit our previous article.

To summarize, an area that has been cleansed and consecrated is sacred space. You make your magick circle inside sacred space.