Poppet Magick


Poppet magick is involving a specially empowered and magickal doll. This is great to use for binding spells and healing. Some witches shy away from poppet magick because it reminds them too much of the stereotyped notion of voodoo* dolls. Others avoid poppet magick because they don’t want to do the work that it entails. But poppet magick is good, strong magick. And it lets you express your creativity to a high degree. Remember to keep any poppet you have made in a safe place. The doll you make represents the person for whom you have done the magick.

A witch concentrates on the magick that she wants to do while she makes a poppet. The word comes for the Middle English word “popet,” which meant “child” or “doll.” Today, in the United Kingdom, poppet means “a darling.” And, yes, it is related to our word “puppet.” A poppet is usually made from cloth or fabric, but you can also make one from clay, wax, wood, or just about any other material. You can fill your poppet with herbs, stones, bits of wood, paper, or anything else that suits your needs. In addition to magical items, it's a good idea to include some cotton or polyfill as stuffing material. My favorite method to create a poppet is to use felt or any kind of fabric to sew together a doll.

Here are two pages from my personal BOS! (pages are coloring pages from Coloring Book of Shadows)

*Coloring pages from Amy Cesari's Coloring Book of Shadows.

When using poppets, you focus your energy and put it into the tool. You can then use the tool to hold the energy, or you can use the tool to send the energy out.

Worried that you don’t have the absolute right color fabric for your poppet? Just remember that what’s important is to do what works for you, and you can always substitute white for a color that you can’t find or reproduce. Remember that color is a tool to help you define your intent. Your intentions are more important than the actual hue of the cloth. You don’t want to become an obsessed perfectionist about your magick.

You can also use symbols to further define your magickal intention. Sew them on a poppet, or draw them on paper and place them inside your poppet.

Once finished creating your poppet, hang it where you want it to guard. You can also create poppets for love which you could stuff it with rose petals, saffron and attach it with mistletoe. Another is to stuff a tree-shape poppet with evergreen and juniper to bring protection into a room. This one can be hung near an entrance to a room or house.

Here are some of my favorite designs from Etsy! (My favorite is our own of course but I definitely love all the others!)

*You’ve probably heard of voodoo, or voudou. Many of us carry a negative impression of this Afro-Caribbean religion, but we shouldn’t. Healing is at the heart of voodoo, which is often described as a mixture of African ancestor reverence, Native American Earth religion, and European Catholicism. And voodoo, like Wicca, gives all women a central and powerful role.

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