Witchcraft isn't about riding on broomsticks and cursing your enemies and it isn't about black conical hats either. There are a lot more witches in our communities than some might realize and it's gaining popularity for many reasons. Witchcraft is gaining attention and popularity because it is based on spirituality and is unique to each individual person who practices it. Your journey with witchcraft grows with you.

Above all, witchcraft is a journey - a very personal journey that is unique to each individual practicing it. It isn't strictly religion and it isn't strictly magic. It's mold-able and flexible and moves with you just as the elements around you do.

Our readers embrace their journey and are smart and educated people, and we expect our writers to be up to the task. We often help promote worthwhile books, shops, courses or projects.

We are not doing this to get rich, or to help you get rich.  We try to share stories that help people improve their witchy practice and to create a more magickal world for everyone.

In Each Issue

We need to fill the sections of the magazine. The sections are:

  • Full Moons & Rituals
  • Spells
  • Crafts
  • Spirituality
  • Recipes
  • Book of Shadows content


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Upcoming themes:

June, 2018 - Litha

The Summer Solstice issue is all about connecting with Midsummer, Faeries, the Goddess Aine, Sage, Oak Celtic Tree Lore, Crystals, and creating a magickal Litha. We have lots of talented guest writers as well! Along with our monthlies, the issue will be packed with spells, rituals, crafts and recipes for a mystical June.


July, 2018 - Mystical Magick

The dreamy Mystical Magick issue brings a slower pace to your practice. This is a time to focus on dreamwork, divination, moon magick and meditation. You'll find a monthly Goddess Book of Shadows pages and articles, Herb profiles and magickal workings, Blessing Moon correspondences, Celtic tree lore and two crystals to expand your practice. Along with our monthlies, the issue will be packed with spells, rituals, crafts and recipes for a mystical July.