You’ll find monthly magickal workings for herbs, crystals, the Celtic tree of the month, Goddesses and Moon correspondences, rituals, spells, recipes, art, interviews, and so much more! Our aim is to give you tools to help you make your own magick and to help you elevate your practice. Our spotlight and guest writers are experienced Wiccans, Witches and creators and each brings a wealth of knowledge to our community of readers!

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October 2018



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In this issue, we are covering Samhain traditions, superstitions, lore, rituals, recipes, and more! We have some great interviews with some small businesses and have lots of downloadable to compliment your practice!

September 2018



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In this issue, we focus on the hearth and the home, teaching about Kitchen and Tea Magick, as well as having wonderful and witchy Mabon recipes to celebrate the Witch’s Thanksgiving! *Downloadable

August 2018

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July 2018



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 In this issue, we celebrate the magick of Lammas, the first harvest, abundance and creativity magick, and to tap into this month’s fiery energy. *Downloadable

In this issue, learn about different divination systems, dreamwork, meditation and find out what’s new and popular in the witchy community. *Downloadable

June 2018



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In this issue, learn who the gods and goddesses of summer are, what the Salem Witch trials were about, get witchy advice, and find out what’s new and popular in the witchy community. *Downloadable

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