Witchology Ads

Witchology Ads

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Must-have Ads (300 x 250) are $20 run 1x

Full-page Ads are $60 run 1x

Two-page Ads are $90 run 1x

Three-page Ads are $120 run 1x

*Page ads can be shop features, collections, interviews, events, products, approved content, social pages (Instagram photos and tag), or a combination of the above.

**Monthly Ads also get a social feature.

Instagram giveaways (500 x 500) are $50 run 1x

*Gain new followers and exposure! Giveaways Include image creation to match monthly theme.

Giveaway + Full-page Ad $80

Giveaway + Two-page Ad $110

Giveaway + Three-page Ad $140

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