About Wild Goddess Magick

Wild Goddess Magick is a space where I, Ambrosia Hawthorn post articles about different witchy subjects like the sabbats, spells, rituals, goddesses, herbs, and celebrating magick. I've been practicing for about 13 years and had my first Book of Shadows at the age of 13. 

I've also created a monthly magazine for the modern Witch!

You’ll find printable Book of Shadows pages, articles, moon magick, monographs of herbs and monthly crystals while also celebrating celtic lore and female goddesses and archetypes throughout the ages.

My goal at Wild Goddess Magick is to give you the tools to help you make your own magick. Our writers in our magazine, Witchology are experienced Wiccans, Witches and creators and each brings a wealth of knowledge to our community of readers.

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